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Why Deals Make It Too Easy to Land Loyal Clients

When was the last time you bought something because it was so cheap? 

Everyone knows how dangerous the $1 section at Target can be for themselves or their significant others. 

Good deals are hard to come by, but any deal (or the illusion of a deal) is better than no deal at all. 

If your business isn't running offers or deals on a regular basis, you're probably having a hard time getting new clients consistently. 

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How to Use Google AdWords (And See Results!)

Tired of searching everywhere online to find a Google AdWords guide that covers all the bases? We've created an all-you-need Google AdWords How-To Guide to help you create the best google search ads to bring your advertising strategy full circle!


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How to Keep Your Business in Front of Your Website Visitors, No Matter Where They Go!

 With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook has it made in the shade when it comes to tracking information and clicks of its users.  

Why wouldn't Facebook want to help you find your customers? (Especially since you're paying to advertise on their site based on the results you receive!) 

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5 Lessons in Advertising We Learned To Save You From Making Big Mistakes

Writing copy for your ads might be the trickiest part of online advertising. Not only do you have to write copy, but you also have to choose graphics that will draw your reader to your content in the first place.  

It sounds like a lot of work. 

Because it is.  

But we've learned some lessons along the way that can help you turn your content creation processes into efficient systems. 

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How to Snag Your PERFECT Customer With Just a Few Clicks

Did you know that Facebook allows you to target your ideal customer where they are right now, in real time? 

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7 Types Of Facebook Ads You Need To Know For Your Business

Facebook ads seem to be growing more and more complex. 

Every time you sign into your ad account something has changed. 


How can you keep up with what's what in Facebook advertising? 

Here are some of Facebook's general ad groups to help you figure out what type of ad will work for your business. 

These are tried and true Facebook ads that can help you reach your end goal in no time. 

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Do You Know the Signs of a Business Identity Crisis?

How do you know if your business has an identity crisis? It might be something you've never thought of before, but it's most likely the reason why your business has been a roller coaster of ups and downs

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How to Use Ad Lingo Like a Pro (And Understand It, Too!)

“Oops. Did you not get that?” 

“Let me start over.” 

“So this right here does this…and this does that…and yeah, that's about it.” 

We all have done this before.  

Working in the ad world, we sometimes forget that our clients don't always know what we mean by the ad lingo we use.  

So instead of beating you down with crazy ad words over the next several months, we've decided to give you a glossary of ad lingo that you can use to impress your boss and schmooze over the marketing department.  

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