About Us

We Help Manufactured Home communities find more leads and sell more homes. Over the last ten years, the techniques that we're using have been used to generate business for more than 300 communities - resulting in nearly 3,000 homes sold annually.

Our Founder

Brandon Meek is a veteran of the manufactured housing space. His career in manufactured housing began in 2007 with Hometown America, directing the marketing for more than 140 communities across the country. While at Hometown America, he leveraged his marketing plans to generate tens of thousands of leads each year, resulting in thousands of sales annually.

In 2011, he launched LeadCrossing, LLC. Since 2011, they have worked with hundreds of communities, helping them drive more leads and fill more home sites. As the team grew, he saw an opportunity to work specifically with community operators. In the Summer of 2019, LeadCrossing launced a new division that works specifically with manufactured home communities across the country. 

Our Team

Our team of nine experts will make certain that your campaigns are working, driving traffic, and generating quality leads for you. Since we only work with MH, you can rest easy knowing that your campaigns are in the hands of the experts.

How Do You Do It?

Everything starts with the offer. If you've tried online advertising in the past and it failed, chances are, you had a bad offer. We help you craft an offer that gets people to take action. Next, we create an optimized page that will get people to convert called a landing page. We cut our marketing teeth generating phone calls so that's our preference, but you should give your customers the option to call or fill out a form. We put this form on a special domain to track the traffic and we create tracking phone numbers to see how we're doing. Once all that is setup, we create the ad campaign. This ad campaign will use the irresistible offer, on a landing page, that we can track. Facebook, Google – they all make it sound like creating ads on is easy. The fact is, creating ads that convert is hard work and requires many different skill sets. We do this everyday. Once the campaign is created its time to launch. That's when the magic happens. We monitor the campaigns daily and continually refine them to improve performance. If a lead calls, we patch the call straight through to your main number. We help our customers create a phone script to deal with these calls if they don't already have one. If the lead emails, we send them an immediate response and then forward the lead to you as well. Once that happens, you're on the clock! 90% of leads pick the company that responds within 5 minutes of their contact.

What's This Demographic/Geolocal Targeting Stuff?

We use a proprietary blend of technology to create what we call demolocation advertising. Basically we build a demographic profile of your ideal customer, overlay that information with specific geographic targets and advertise your business when the criteria are met.

Here's an example: Let's say you are a community that wants to target renters looking to purchase their first home. We take in your specific factors, use the location of the rental locations and advertise to people specifically in that area. We can add additional layers to the program such as creating targeted ads that launch based on life events (such as a new relationship or family member).

This layered technology is truly revolutionary and provides you with precise reach which maximizes your budget and your return. This type of advertising leverages open advertising inventory (approximately 31 billion views a day), the big data sources that mega-companies use and transparent reporting.

We're bringing large scale advertising to the small market and you can be a part of the revolution!